Free WiFi, Free Meals, and Other Wonderful Things in New Orleans

by Shaun Horton

AHA Today posts a lot of useful information in the days leading up to its annual meeting (and our Winter Meeting). Vanessa Varin has listed several free WiFi spots in the participating hotels, and has linked to lists of free WiFi spots in New Orleans on Urban Spoon and

If you are a graduate student and an ASCH member, you can also sign up at the main conference table for lunches and dinners with senior scholars, for free, courtesy of the Society. These are available Friday and Saturday. They are great for a grad student on a budget, and you can’t beat the company. Finally, there is no fee or registration required for grads to attend the annual breakfast hosted by WITCH (Women in Theology and Church History) on Friday morning – though graduate students are encouraged to pay what they can.

If you are not a graduate student and/or it is not Friday yet, AHA Today has a list of cheap eats in New Orleans, as well as a list of recommended restaurants within walking or driving distance of our panel sessions.

Do you have tips, advice, or experiences to share? Post them on our Facebook page or tweet them at #ASCH13. You can also post them on our official Winter Meeting Live Blog, starting 1pm Thursday.


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