Executive Committee, Council, and Assistants

Laurie Maffly-Kipp
Past President

Bruce Hindmarsh

Thomas Noble

Keith A. Francis
Executive Secretary

Melanie Pickard
Assistant to Exec. Sec.

Amanda Porterfield
Editor, Church History

John Corrigan
Editor, Church History

Emily S. Clark
Senior Assistant to the Editors

Cara Burnidge
Assistant to the Editors


Class of 2013
James Byrd
Esther Chung-Kim
Christine Shepardson
Andrew Stern
Jonathan Strom
David P. King (Graduate Student Representative)

Class of 2014
Kate Bowler
Jennifer Graber
Matthew Grow
Barbara Pitkin
Adrian Weimer

Class of 2015
Marianne Delaporte
Linford Fisher
Scott Kenworthy
Willemien Otten
Tisa Wenger